Here today, Milan tomorrow…

We’ve been working with the lovely people at Gallo, in Robbio – a city and comune in the Italian region Lombardy, 50 km southwest of Milan, for the last 15 years…

Established in 1856, today it is ruled by the 6th generation of the founding family. They send their briefs 1,500km to us in downtown Bollington (pop 8,310), Cheshire – where we designed the above for our market here in the UK.

Alongside Italy, we’ve done pack design for most of the rest of Europe, North and South America, Asia, Russia, Australia – in fact the only place we haven’t designed for is North Korea (yet)…

So. Borders are no barrier. And great ideas are universal. We have translators, foreign language typesetters – and well travelled creatives with ideas that cross boundaries.


Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Love Chocolate…

Great big slabs of chocolate. With interesting flavours. Add some bold colours, some understated type and an interesting pack shape… And you almost get a flavour of what’s inside. These packs say “Buy me!”

Out of all the work that gets published, many more ideas get shelved due to all kinds of reasons.

This design never made it to market, but we thought it was too good not to share. Maybe somebody out there has the same taste as us – and likes the cut of our mouse.

We have so many ideas – you might have a product needing a facelift, a refresh or complete redesign. Our CGI’s will give you a pretty fair idea of how good the finished product could look.

Call us. Maybe we already have the answer…

Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Sweet Food Packaging Design

Little packs of loveliness

Pack design we did for a Yorkshire based confectionery company, which sadly didn’t go. So we’re putting it up here because we love it.

Our design style is clean and fresh. So much overly colourful and complicated packaging today gets lost at crowded point of sale, and a little bit of white helps standout.

Add to that some classic, well-considered type and a pleasing colour range and you get a pretty good recipe for trial.

So don’t fudge it next time you want a bit of shelf shout. Because we’ve got more great ideas in the store cupboard.


Food Advertising and Design

We love food.

Branding it. Advertising it. Shooting it, writing about it, designing the packaging it comes in, even occasionally eating it.

All kinds of food. Frozen food for Royal Greenland. Italian food for Riso Gallo and Sacla. Convenience food for Today’s Foodservice. Chocolate promotions for Thornton’s. Takeaway food for Mr Lam’s, even pet food for Applaws and Encore – and countless branding and rebranding jobs…

And despite looking like a million dollars, you’ll find the bill won’t cause indigestion – because repeat business is genuinely so important to us we price our work realistically – and always quote upfront.

We love the food branding business, and we like to think we’re pretty good at it – but we’re hungry for more… So if anything here whets your appetite we’d love to hear from you. Because there’s always room at the table for one more…

Riso Gallo recipe book photography
Royal Greenland foodservice trade press
Really Indian packaging redesign
Applaws Petfood trade brochure
Encore Petfood website
Today’s budget range packaging

The art of the visual metaphor

Advertising is awash with visual metaphors. Some work well, cutting through the constant bombardment we consumers are subjected to on a daily – or hourly basis – to not only engage, but to further our understanding of a service or product which in turn prompts us to buy.

Others are so obscure they simply don’t register.

Some are wildly ambitious, complex and overproduced, so losing the message in some creative team’s hugely expensive self indulgent excess. (I know this, slightly guilty face).

Enter the humble illustration.

Because simple is best, as cunningly delivered on The Mobberley Brewhouse’s ‘White Can’ range of experimental beers.

Happy client loved the positive response from customers. Happy agency loved approval from happy client.

Untamed, a fabulous 9% New England Double IPA
Eleventh Hour – a toffee & cacao Imperial Stout at a heady 10%
Roll With It – a New English IPA using English only hops, at 6.5%
…The finished article…

Comment Work

Not just part of the furniture…

Furniture advertising and design is what we do. Likewise location and studio shoots, large scale office furniture, kitchen and bathroom sets. One off product shots. Brochure design and printing. IWP love it all.

We’ve planned, designed and produced all of the above, for clients large, small – and startups. Always cost effective, certainly coming up with creative solutions to budget/timing constraints, we love making our clients job look the business.

From original design, planning and production of brochures and online, to managing thousands of price changes, we take it all in our stride – above all, we manage it without any fuss. Consequently we seem to enjoy repeat business as a result.

Talk to us about your next project or even idea – you’ll find we’re not just part of the furniture.

Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Design – some like it HOT

Everyone has different tastes, right? Some people like their food spicy, others prefer a more gentle experience. Same goes for design – what one client is cool with might be a bit too hot for the next.

Which is all well and good. And we always take it on the chin when our carefully researched, targeted and beautifully crafted work doesn’t get a round of applause (winking smiley face).

But our pack designs for Cheeky Swine’s range of chilli relishes never ran. The project was put on hold, hopefully to be resurrected in the future. So we’ll have to wait for the best bit – to see our packs on shelf. The ultimate proof of a good job!

Case Study

The finest clothing in the country

Over the years we turned Brocklehurst’s of Bakewell from a provincial sporting goods shop to a highly respected six figure business with mail order and online shopping.

We significantly upgraded the photography and design along the way, shooting in locations up and down the country, including the beautiful Chatsworth in Derbyshire.

Using a mix of models and real sportsmen added to the authenticity.
We photographed on Grouse moors, country estates and some of the most characterful locations in England.

No birds, animals or bank balances were hurt on our shoots…

Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Suppliers – friends with benefits…

Having good relationships with valuable suppliers is something we’ve never underestimated. Alex at Ten Eight Studios is a brilliant shooter (see above), who liked the look of his local caff so much he decided to turn some of the lovely food into tasty images.

We went on to design a series of postcards, planning to distribute them around town. Even though the print costs were reasonable they were never produced. More money for proper sourdough though…

So keeping on the best terms with valuable suppliers – shooters, printers, production houses etc. is not just good business practice. You never know when you’ll need to call on a favour to help a client with their budget.

So. We’ve got the ideas, we’ve got the skills, we’ve got the supplier relationships – all we need now is you…

Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Great Ad ideas

We LOVE a risotto. And our appetite was whetted when our client Riso Gallo asked us to for some ideas on consumer and trade ads.

Ads one & two were aimed at the consumer – the third for the food service trade. This was to feature a testimonial from a local chef and user of Gallo rice…

Great images are certain to get your attention, and we have some great shooters. And home economists, stylists, copywriters and of course the most important bit – ideas…

The ads never ran in the end. So if you have a product that needs spicing up, give us a call – we’ve got the ads – and the appetite.