Legendary Wine Label Design

When D&D Wines commissioned us to come up with a concept for their McLaren Vale wines we couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with some legendary Aussie humour.

After a bit of research – and a good deal of embroidery – we developed these two beauts. The Bunyip – named after an Aboriginal spirit said to inhabit rivers and swamps, and Lady’s Leap, an outrageous tale of a dramatic riverboat race.

The Bunyip is an Aboriginal spirit which is said to haunt rivers, swamps, creeks and billabongs. Some say it looks like a huge snake with a beard and a mane. Others say it resembles a huge furry half-human beast with a long neck and a head like a bird. These days, most Australians consider the Bunyip to be just a creature of myth. But there are still those who swear they’ve heard the Bunyip’s bloodcurdling cry for themselves…

And why Lady’s Leap? When the daredevil skipper of the paddle steamer Lady Hopetown found himself behind in a race down the Murray River, he made a call which would find him forever enshrined in outback folklore. He cut to the inside, the boat hit the sand at full steam and became airborne. Momentum carried her over the bar and ahead of her rival. From then on, that point in the river became known as Lady’s Leap.

Legend has it IWP are pretty good when an eye catching concept is required. One legend we believe certainly isn’t fiction.

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