Nice little Ad we’ve done for Original Montgomery Duffle Coats, designed to direct anyone feeling the chill autumn winds to buy from the website.

Original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company and was chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 1890`s to make the first duffle coats. The duffle was designed to keep out the worst of weather whilst not restricting the movement of sailors.

They were made Initially For the Royal Navy but were ‘traded’ between officers from the Army and later the Royal Flying Corps. As a result by WWll the duffles were made for all allied services.

The first raiders behind enemy lines, the long range desert group later to become the SAS, used duffles as cover for the cold nights and seat cushions for the days travelling many hundreds of miles across the deserts of North Africa.

Now adopted by hipsters from Hoxton to Harrogate, and pretty much following the original design, the classic lives on…