The ‘special relationship’ enjoyed between the US and UK is well established. Now deliciously delivered in new beers we’ve been working on for Buxton Brewery.

This new experimental series brings the lineages together with 50% hops from the US and 50% from the UK. Each edition explores the flavour profiles, shared roots and history of the four hop varieties.

We loved designing (and sampling) the beer, and the nice people at Tesco loved the designs. Hooray for the Red White and Blue!

Things we like


Came across some lovely prints recently of a fashion shoot we did for Emma Somerset. Thinking of all the great skill sets that go into fashion photography…

Casting, models, hair and make up, merchandising, art direction, and oh yes, let’s hear it for the shooter. The one who has to pull it all together and deliver. On time, on budget and on brief… Bravo!

But the hardest job of all – how to choose the right photographer..?

We do that.

Things we like

Quirky but cool…

We love a bit of great Italian design… Italian designer Lapo Ciatti has created the Loomi Armchair for Opinion Ciatti as an “independent and functional microcosm”

The Loomi chair has a plump padded seat and wide backrest, designed to offer both privacy and comfort.

Opinion Ciatti’s Loomi chair

The chair can also be accessorised with a 180-degree swivel table for holding laptops, books and tablets.

“The optional swivel table turns it effortlessly into an independent and functional microcosm. An island ready for use that keeps up with our contemporary lifestyle, where the fluidity of space and time is paramount,” Opinion Ciatti explained.

Don’t know about that – but I’d still have one.

Long live Italian design.

Product: Loomi armchair
Designer: Lapo Ciatti
Opinion Ciatti


I’ll drink to that.


Axe Edge, Buxton Brewery’s venerable flagship IPA is 10 years old this year! To celebrate this special occasion and Axe’s important place within the Buxton Brewery story they have released a group of special editions all in one go. From the original Axe Edge to the exotic Sesqui Axe, the ‘Axe Pack’ is available at

We love our label design work (not to mention the requisite sampling). Plus the marketing, artwork and creative packaging we do for Buxton… so cheers – here’s to the next 10!

Label design Artwork Marketing Creative Packaging


It’s a wrap.

Well why not… medical supplies ads can be rather dry, dull affairs, with ubiquitous library shots of happy smiling gowned-up nurses and doctors, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun with ours.

This from our client after the ad had run:

“Just to give you some quick feedback – the Halloween creative has been a hit so far, and has received the highest engagement rate Kays Medical have received on LinkedIn for a long time.” 

Can’t say fairer than that!


Unique & sublime

Anyone who makes Britain’s favourite spirit sooner or later has to come up with an Ready To Drink version in a can. The transition from gin label design from bottle to can isn’t always straightforward, but we think we aced it…

If you need to pep up your product development work you know who to call. Cheers!


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Great Work We've Done That Never Got Published

Reet grand, ‘appen

Creative pitch for Yorkshire based crisp company Seabrook – sadly we weren’t appointed, but we loved the work.

Us northern adfolk love a bag of crisps, and many creative hours have been fuelled courtesy of Seabrook’s finest.

We have plenty of bags in reserve for when you next need some ideas – with a bit of no-nonsense northern flavour thrown in…



…or game over. We finally got the sign off from Buxton Brewery for our latest designs after some challenging processes. We printed 4 colours onto silver substrate, leaving certain areas blank. This allowed the silver to shine through. Other areas were left blank apart from a reduced opacity colour giving a cool metallic effect.

There are seven enormous barrel aged beers in the range. These have been tasted nurtured, blended and sampled over the last two and a half years. There are Imperial Porters, Imperial Stouts, Dessert Beer, and Barley Wine. Coffee, Cacao and Chilli all feature, and the barrels used are some of the best from the transatlantic worlds of Highlands and Islands Scotch and the rich heritage of Bourbon.

“Themed on great Chess Grandmasters and Champions of the 19th and 20th Centuries, these beers span the decades, echoing complexity, subtlety, guile and creativity. From the 19th century’s Morphy and Steinitz, through Capablanca’s early 20th century dominance, to Lasker, Tal and Rudenko. All reflect the patience, skill, and determination to strive to be the best at what you do.”

Buxton Brewery


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